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        One of Ireland’s favourite visitor experiences, the Cliffs of Moher tower over the rugged west Clare coast.? Walk the safe, paved pathways and view the famous Cliffs on Europe’s western frontier and enjoy the spectacular vistas over the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands.?? Their natural beauty has inspired artists, musicians, and poets for generations, as well as absorbing scientists and geologists, drawn by the unique landscape in which they sit.? The Cliffs of Moher, the most famous cliffs in Ireland, will leave you awestruck, creating memories that will stay with you forever.

        • The Visitor Centre, itself sculpted from the landscape, hosts informative and entertaining permanent exhibits in its extensive gallery space and auditorium.
        • Visit the on-site theatre and experience an exhilarating virtual-reality cliff-face adventure.
        • The Cliffs of Moher has featured in classic movies like The Princess Bride and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
        • The Cliffs of Moher was a ‘tourist attraction’ before that phrase was even heard of. In the early 19th century, the then landowner, Cornelius O’Brien, parliamentarian, and proud Clare man, built O’Brien’s Tower so that the expansive cliff views across the Atlantic Ocean from Liscannor Bay to Galway Bay could be fully appreciated. This paved the way for today’s centre to be the top visitor attraction in Ireland and on the Wild Atlantic Way.
        • It is now part of the Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark supporting sustainable tourism and has been a special protected area for birds and wildlife since 1979, home to 35 different species of birds.

        See for yourself what has drawn people for over two centuries, it will stir your senses and fill your soul.

        Admission includes access to all areas, secure car parking, wi-fi and contributes to conservation of the area. ?In addition, there are two cafes, a gift shop, toilets, first aid centre, information points, baggage storage, safe viewing platforms, audio guide, and much more.? See our frequently asked questions for more information on amenities.

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        Why are the Cliffs of Moher one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions?

        • An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


          The Cliffs rise to 702 feet (214 m) at their highest point and range for 8 kms (5 miles) over the Atlantic ocean. The sheer scale and dramatic impact of the cliffs never ceases to amaze and delight in equal measure

        • A Haven for Wildlife


          The Cliffs are a special protected area (SPA) for seabirds with over 20 species represented. We welcome over 30,000 breeding pairs annually including guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, peregrine falcons and the ever popular cute puffins. These Ireland Cliffs are also home to many rare flora including Cat’s Eat and Sea Pink.

        • Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark


          The Cliffs are part of the Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark, a special region with outstanding geology. It is one of only three designated Geoparks in Ireland. The Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark support people and organisations to work together to ensure a cared-for landscape, a better-understood heritage, more sustainable tourism, a vibrant community, and strengthened livelihoods.

        • Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience


          The eco friendly visitor centre was built in 2007 and nestles into the hillside minimising the visual impact on this fabulous scenic location. The Cliffs exhibition brings the story of the cliffs to life. There are great food options available in the Visitor Centre at the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience. On the ground floor is the Puffin’s Nest Café while Brambles Cliffs View Café is on the 1st floor.

        • Getting Here


          The Cliffs in Ireland are located on the west coast, 65 km (40 miles) from Shannon International Airport, the cities of Limerick and Galway are both just over 70 kms (43 miles) away.

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        • Book Online


          Book your ticket online in advance of your visit to the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience.

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        • Plan Your Visit


          Allow up to 2 hours for your visit. Don’t just pass through - stay overnight in one of the local towns or villages to make the most of your visit and enjoy the local culture and?the wonderful food and drink produced in the Burren.

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        The Best of Clare

        On the Wild Atlantic Way on the West Coast of Ireland, County Clare provides an exciting choice of activities for tourists coming from Ireland and abroad.

        See and enjoy all the things Clare has to offer.

        Ireland's favourite tourist attraction 2019 and 2020

        Come see for yourself, why Irish Independent readers have voted us Ireland’s favourite visitor attraction 2019 and 2020

        Mar 25, 2021 – Thu

        Liscannor, Ireland
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        26 km/h, SW


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        Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
        thu mar 25
        10/8°C 34 km/h, SW 78% 757.56 mmHg
        fri mar 26
        6/5°C 55 km/h, W 86% 752.31 mmHg
        sat mar 27
        9/10°C 46 km/h, SSW 80% 759.06 mmHg
        sun mar 28
        11/11°C 57 km/h, SSW 92% 753.81 mmHg
        mon mar 29
        9/8°C 16 km/h, W 96% 760.56 mmHg

        Natural Wonder of the World

        Nature’s wonders surround you at the Cliffs of Moher.

        Whether it be the cliffs themselves carved by time, ocean and weather into fantastic shapes and formations, the mighty Atlantic ocean or the birds, plants and other wildlife that inhabit the cliffs and the sea there are plenty of natural wonders to enjoy here.

        Cliffs of Moher
        Virtual Tours

        Be Taken on an inspirational journey along the Cliffs of Moher.
        360 degree immersive media gives you a virtual prelude to the real-world first class experience that awaits you!

        Audio Guide

        An easy to navigate English Audio Guide and map, packed with features that takes you through the Cliffs of Moher in 12 chapters. The key areas of interest include the main viewing areas, O’Brien’s Tower, the Visitor Centre, and JP Holland. The audio guide includes photographs, route calculator & map locator to the Cliffs of Moher.

        It is informative, educational and a fantastic way to learn more about the Cliffs of Moher before, during or after your visit.

        One of Ireland’s most famous sights, the Cliffs of Moher are entirely vertical and the cliff edge is abrupt. On a clear day the views are tremendous, with the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. From the cliff edge you can just hear the booming far below as the waves crash and gnaw at the soft shale and sandstone.

        With a due-west exposure, sunset is the best time to visit.

        Lonely Planet
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